Keep your Family or your Work Space disinfected. We are still working during this time but we are also very cautious and respectful of the mandates put in place, our team will be keeping the 6′ rule, wear gloves and face masks.

We use EPA registered Disinfectant to kill Covid-19 from surfaces in your Home or Work Place.

We can do it either with an ULV Fogger Machine with is a very effective way to disinfect the surfaces in a short time, it can be used for Hospitals, Hotels, Gas stations, Retail o any other public spaces and also works for houses.

Or if you prefer we can also wipe the disinfectant in the contact surfaces on your home.

Our staff wears face masks, glove. They also disinfect all contact surfaces in the vehicles and equipment. All contact surfaces in our office are being disinfected too.

We just ask if there’s someone with symptoms in your house or office, please don’t schedule at this time.
Thank you for your cooperation and understanfing.

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